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Red Hawk Behavioral Health is a residential treatment center for adolescent girls who are experiencing difficulties in life. We have carefully developed a diversified campus located between St. George, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada. The location was chosen to specifically provide a peaceful environment with limited distractions for treatment. We sit 45 minutes west of the St. George Airport and 1-hour North of the Las Vegas International Airport making travel simple. Having a limit of 24 girls allows us to give attention to one-on-one time with our therapists and trained staff. This individualized time for care can help our residents better understand the underlying causes of the mental health concerns that are presenting difficulties in their lives. Our goal is to help our youth find ways to more positively manage life’s obstacles that have strained everyday living.

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Conditions We Treat

Red Hawk is a well-rounded holistic program that facilitates living and growth in all areas of the young women we serve. Our intense clinical focus helps to bring about quicker improvement, thereby not requiring your girl to be away from home as long as some other programs. On average our students graduate within 6-8 months of intense treatment.

To encourage a love for life, our residents participate in sports, tours of historical sites, service opportunities in the community, interviewing business owners for career opportunities, college readiness experiences and various cultural experiences through food and hands on learning. We strive to provide the optimal treatment for all young women in our care and for their families.

Red Hawk is very selective in it’s admission process. We are cautious to make sure all new students fit the Red Hawk program model and will not hinder the progress of current clients in our care. We believe in a treatment program that is intense and actively engaging.

We prepare each girl for her next stage of life, making sure she transitions back to home life or wherever she is in her next stage of life. We continually follow up with aLL of our residents for 90-days after treatment, assisting them through their journey. Thisd aftercare support helps facilitate success and brings confidence to the girl on her life journey.


Healing from the past, clearing trauma histories, and stabilization moving forward.


Helping treat difficulties with family dynamics, relationships, genetics and home life.


Why girls experiencing ADHD are often mis-understood.


Helping navigate the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety.


Successfully treating substance abuse concerns.

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Our Philosophy

Red Hawk Behavioral Health Center

We believe each YOUNG person is a unique individual. We respect the contributions they have made and will make in our lives and to our communities. We are sensitive to their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs. We strive to provide a wholesome, loving, and caring treatment home environment where all state and federal requirements are met and all necessary training is on going and exceptional, while remaining sensitive to race, religion and specific creed. We encourage not just living, but also a love of living. We believe strongly in providing a physical environment that is safe, clean, healthy, and oriented to the highest quality of life. We commit to provide intense therapy approach, appropriate academic opportunities, and Resident support services. We believe the keystone of our program is the quality of the service rendered and the compassion and dedication of our loving staff.

We strictly adhere to a philosophy of human dignity and dismiss any employee or independent contractor that cannot demonstrate respect at all times. We support our staff through training, pay incentives and the opportunity for professional and personal growth. Our employees create a caring and nurturing atmosphere and contribute to the overall feeling of well-being for our residents and their family members. We believe in a program that is administered with dignity and respect for each individual and will strive to encourage involvement and support of family members where practical and feasible. Red Hawk Behavioral Health Services is an organization that values people, residents in our care, their family members, treatment parents and our employees. We continually work to earn the trust placed in us. We strive each day to be the best provider of Therapeutic Residential Services for youth in our community.

Red Hawk Behavioral Health Center

Cycle of Shame VS Cycle of Hope

Cycle of Shame

At Red Hawk Behavioral Health our clinicians are experts in teaching of “The Cycle Of Shame,” and helping youth find HOPE. Troubled behaviors and ideals can lead young people down the wrong path and lose hope in the future. The following are behaviors associated with a loss of hope-

  • Helplessness, Despair, Depression
  • Negative Mindset
  • Shame & Unworthiness
  • Pessimism and Resentful
  • Suicidal Ideations
  • Need for Perfectionism

Cycle of Hope

Every human being has HOPE inside them. HOPE makes us wake up in the morning and go on with our day. If your child has shown behaviors of isolation, quit trying, or even thought of taking her life, please have her come experience and learn that HOPE is still there. At Red Hawk we help build hope through recognizing-

  • Triggers & Plans
  • Higher Power
  • Identity & Guilt
  • Experience & Connection
  • Ideals & Perfectionism
  • Creative Problem Solving

Our Partners

Directors Message

The focus of Red Hawk is on creating a program that promotes excellence, healthy living, caring staff, and leadership in the provision of resident care and continuum.

The heart and soul of Red Hawk Behavioral Health is it’s people — the physicians, nurses, clinicians, educators, and our line staff whom blend compassion with administering evidence based practices in our program. Red Hawk employs professionals with extensive experience specialized in working with adolescents who experience behavioral and mental health concerns.

We are seasoned clinicians in the field of behavioral and mental health. Our line staff undergo continuous and comprehensive training to keep up with our on changing society. We pride ourselves in respecting all our residents, and maintain sensitivity to their color, race, religion, history, experiences, or family dynamics.

The Red Hawk facility sits on a 10-acre Homestead Ranch in the beautiful valley of Scenic Arizona. The campus is home to a variety of farm animals and is surrounded by Mohave County’s majestic mountains. Red Hawk entire facility is designed for safety and supervision purposes. All rooms were constructed to accommodate our resident’s specific needs and challenges. We continually invest in improving our campus as a whole to best serve our residents and their families.

If you have questions, or would like a more comprehensive overview or our services, please know we are available to provide answers to your questions and concerns. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Red Hawk Behavioral Health Services.

Sonny Faaootoa, Executive Director

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