Education is Key!

Red Hawk’s school is maintained in a non-traditional school setting. Most young women have had difficulty with learning in the settings they came from, so it doesn’t make sense to continue with similar environments. We have many options to help students learn in ways that best fit their needs, whether that be using music, movement in special chairs, quiet rooms or extra help staying on task when struggling with executive functions.

The best part of our academics is the credits earned here at Red Hawk can transfer to other public or private schools once your child returns home. All students have the privilege of one free month of academic access to continue their studies wherever they go from here. Options are available to continue school through the same educational methods at home and graduate from home. Red Hawk helps maintain continuity through your daughter’s educational needs once graduating the program and returning home.

We specialize our education program to focus on working with adolescents that struggle in a normal classroom setting. Our school is specifically designed towards accommodating individual needs and differences. Education is one of the foremost important part of Red Hawk’s Treatment programming.

Often times, youth have struggled academically in their former learning environments. At Red Hawk, we structure the school schedule into two blocks to maximize the learning of our students. Depending on your daughters learning needs, they will attend school in the morning block schedule or afternoon block schedule.


Red Hawk education is accredited through “Advanced Ed” and has the same recognized accreditation as a traditional school in the U.S. The Red Hawk school is accepted by colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Red Hawk Behavioral Health Center

SMALL class sizes and a non-traditional learning environment are important to our student’s academic needs. We often see that not only do our students make up needed credits but excel in the Red Hawk classroom towards graduation with this schedule. We have also found through experience that some students learn better in the morning and some in the afternoon.

Our students do not stop learning in the classroom. When residents are not in school, they are engaging in other learning environments to practice the skills they are acquiring at Red Hawk. Some of these learning environments include psycho-therapy with a certified clinician, EAGALA certified equine therapy, recreational therapy with trained staff, social skill development activities, and structured program activities.


Allows each student to focus on the academic needs specific to their situation.


  • Credit recovery/makeup

  • IEP development evaluation

  • High school graduation Diploma

  • Early graduation time frames

  • Preparation for ACT/SAT

  • College search, application, and admission assistance

  • Financial aid and scholarship search assistance

  • Exploring career options

  • Trade school options

  • Employment

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