Our Admission Team works directly with you to discuss and plan your financial options.
Year-round admission.
The student evaluation is very simple and quick to accommodate students that may need to enroll quickly when in an immediate crisis. Please contact us for a thorough evaluation.


Upon your child’s acceptance to Red Hawk, parents will receive a complete Parent Package & Checklist with all the necessary details. We will provide one-on-one consultation with Red Hawk admission staff.
Parent Package includes:
• All Red Hawk program forms
• Transport/escort service information
• Intake process information
• List of personal items needed and/or provided
• Important contact information
• Other items as needed
A one time payment is required the first day of admission for Clinical Mental Health Assessments and Medical Evaluation Expenses: (fee can be waved if youth has current assessments within 6-months)

    This is an allowance for your child’s personal needs, and not a fee for program services. Personal allowance items may include hygiene supplies, medications not covered under insurance, sick visits to the doctor not covered by insurance or other necessary personal items.
    This monthly balance is recorded in the resident’s personal account and will roll over month to month. Any money left over in the student’s account will be returned to the resident’s parent or guardian upon discharge.
  2. Monthly personal needs allowance:
If you have any questions regarding these fees, please contact our Admission Staff at
(435) 236-5423

The Red Hawk program is not designed to work with students with the following needs:
  • serious mental illness
  • students in need of medical detoxification services
  • students with major medical issues
  • students currently experiencing convulsions
  • students experiencing shock, delirium, tremens, comas or unconscious
Red Hawk maintains a thorough admissions process to make certain that the program maintains a proper balance and fit for all of the youth in the program.

LOVE & AFFECTION is the process of building and maintaining relationship and communication between the resident and their parents/siblings for the goal of supporting family reunification.

  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Bonding and attachment to family members preserved
  • Potential of increased open communication
  • Family to love, and be loved by
  • Smoother transition back home and decreased crisis and conflict
  • Home visits easily executed and safe
  • Consistency of relapse prevention plan with family support in non-judgemental way
  • Creates a trusting relationship that encourages cooperation
  • Good communication and relationship create collaboration that reduces tension
  • Direct communication between resident and parent make the job easier


Parent’s plead to the heavens, For some guiding light, To give them strength, And help them sleep at night.

Those prayers are answered, So that parents will know, That they are the guidance, To where their children go.

Parents guide with rules, With love and with hope, With strength and with courage, Which helps kids to cope.

Parents say to kids daily, Just how much they are loved, Even when kids are errant, And they’ve push and shoved.

Parents, don’t sit in silence, Stand straight and proud, Tell your children you love them, Right in front of their crowd.

For no matter their faults, Or the wrongs kids may do, Your love and affection, Will bring them home to you.


Parents & Referral sources seeking admission for a resident may contact admissions @ (855) 217-4295 or toll free @ (928) 347-5930. 

  1. The Program Clinical Director will review the packet for appropriateness and will complete the Admission Referral Screening form and the Violence Risk Factor form. These tools are utilized to assist in determining if the resident meets criteria for admission.
  2. The admission packet will then be forwarded to the Treatment Team for review. The Treatment Team will determine whether or not to accept or deny any candidate.
  3. The admissions staff will contact the referral source to discuss a possible admission date.
  4. Once an admission date has been determined the admissions staff will mail or fax a packet of Admission Consent forms to the referral source. The consent forms must be completed and returned prior to the admission date.
  5. Communication of necessary consent will be presented to the parent/guardian in a language (including ASL) that they understand. The Program will provide translators’/interpreters as needed.
  6. The admissions staff will maintain contact with the referral source to insure the resident’s arrival date.
  7. The admissions staff will notify the Program Treatment Team of the resident’s admit date and time.
  8. The Red Hawk transport team will schedule to meet the resident and escort at the airport for transport to the Red Hawk Campus.

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