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To determine whether your daughter is a potential candidate for our program, please answer the following assessment as accurately as you can. Your results will be processed and we will give you a call for what is recommended for your daughter.
All information submitted is confidential.
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Valerie Faaootoa, LMSW @ (928) 719-7177 


Difficult life circumstances or changes such as abuse, divorce, death of a close family member, or major life changes?Inability to manage anger or control temper?Disobeyed family rules or parent figures?Had any major changes in behavior or mood?Shown depressive symptoms, such as weight loss/gain, isolation or excessive sleep?Had difficulties getting along with others?Do you believe your daughter has used illegal drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol?Used manipulation to get what she wants from others or to escape consequences?Intentionally frightened others?Destroyed property or stolen someone else's property?Had problems in school such as poor grades, bullying others, or challenging authority?Been the victim of bullying in school, on social media, or at home?Experienced difficulty in school due to a learning disability?Loses focus often and experiences difficulty staying on task?Daydreams often?Been sexually promiscuous?Made threatening statements in writing about herself or towards others?Indicated she may have a plan for suicidal behavior or violence to others?Experienced anxiety or panic attacks that interfered with daily functioning?

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