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Evaluation and Assessment: Treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation that becomes the foundation for an individual’s personal treatment plan. Our clinicians conduct a thorough assessment to determine the specialized treatment needs that are appropriate and individualized for your daughter. Our Red Hawk Treatment Team identifies specific goals and interventions that are needed to address your child’s specific needs. All treatment goals follow the “SMART” goal format which helps young women have a specific standard for accomplishing treatment objectives. Subsequently, the family and young woman will then engage in various forms of interventions and therapeutic counseling to get the maximum benefit from the program. Proper and accurate evaluations and diagnosis can save time and money for parents.


Rehabilitation: This is the main phase and most challenging part of treatment. Rehabilitation involves completion of the assessment and implementation of the individualized Treatment Plan. Treatment includes intensive clinical work involving individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, equine-assisted therapy, recreational therapy, and social and living skills classes. Each young woman participates in a planned daily schedule that is focused on goal-setting, therapy, education and homestead work.  Activities are planned to encourage our young women to address the issues that have caused disruption in their lives. Your child may be assigned to participate in additional special programs to overcome substance abuse, anger management, attachment concerns, trauma resolution or even suicide intervention within the Red Hawk Program. Resident progress is monitored by a tier-level progress system for control and adjustments in treatment.

Red Hawk Behavioral Health Center
Red Hawk Behavioral Health Center


Continuing Care:This phase is UNIQUE to Red Hawk and can have a major impact in your daughter’s continuing recovery. Red Hawk provides individualized referrals to community programs in your area for continued support upon returning home. Often times change can be difficult and managing a transition home may leave adolescents with struggles adapting to life outside of residential treatment. Our team of experts are able to assist your child with finding hope and courage to move forward in their lives with confidence. Our professional staff assist your child with coping mechanisms to return to her path of growth and self-discovery in a healthy way. Each resident will continue to work with her therapist 30 days after completing phase 1 and 2 of her Red Hawk Program.

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