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California Residential Treatment Centers for Girls

Needing a California residential treatment center for your girl? Red Hawk Academy in nearby Arizona helps lead girls in crisis or who are self-destructing to healthy changes in their emotions and thinking, to return home to enjoy a happier and more fruitful life.

residential treatment for girls

Red Hawk Academy is a residential treatment center for girls from California. This therapeutic program provides excellent, customized care and intensive support for girls aged 13-17, who have mental, psychological or emotional issues.  It provides long-lasting recovery, promotes confidence and sustains healthy choices when the girls return home.

Has your troubled girl in California become a victim of mental or emotional struggles? Has she suffered difficult, adoption-related trauma, tragedy, or physical/sexual abuse? Does she display harmful or overly emotional behavior? Perhaps she is battling suicidal tendencies, rebelliousness, or social withdrawal.

If you are worried about your distressed girl, we can give her the support and therapy she needs at Red Hawk. If mental health issues or learning disabilities prevent your daughter from living life to the fullest, the residential treatment for girls at Red Hawk Academy will help her. 

California treatment centers for girls are few and far between, so Red Hawk in Arizona was designed to foster healthy behavioral and attitude change in girls, giving them a new focus on their future.

Residential Treatment for GirlsThe residential treatment center not only offers tailored therapy and 24/7 support staff for each girl, this program also offers therapeutic activities in its therapeutic milieu, plus equine-assisted therapy following the Eagala Model.

Some of the benefits of equine-assisted therapy for girls include:

  • Assessing assertiveness vs. aggressiveness
  • Developing respect for diversity and individuality
  • Overcoming trauma
  • Understanding the importance of teamwork and community
  • Recognizing self-worth and personal integrity
  • Forming healthy relationships
  • Improving communication skills
  • Building trust and respect

The innovative approach to therapy here consists of many experiential ‘hands-on’ therapies which help girls be active throughout their treatment while working with horses, gardening, hiking, camping, swimming, and river rafting. As girls take part in the challenging ropes course, for instance, they learn about positive risk-taking, personal limits, performing under pressure, and providing support to others. When girls cooperate, they will discover they can achieve even more than they thought possible.

Residential Treatment for Girls

Red Hawk’s approach to academic success also complements each girl’s individual learning style and strengths. Education is paired with psycho-therapy with a licensed therapist, while trained staff lead recreational & equine therapy with accompanying therapists.

Girls benefit from outdoor activities that teach independence, life skills, cooperation, and problem-solving. Off-campus activity sites include legendary parks like Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Capital Reef, Kanaraville Falls, and Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Though you were looking for a California residential treatment center for girls, please call or inquire ASAP to learn how Red Hawk’s program in Arizona.

The excellent therapeutic program for adolescent girls creates an effective residential treatment setting where struggling girls change and recovery begins. Teen girls come to Red Hawk from around the nation, including California.

The home-like residence for 24 girls is comfortable and non-institutional, and offers healthy meals prepared by skilled kitchen staff. Because Red Hawk’s clinical therapy involves delicate family issues, parents are invited to attend optional weekend events. Weekly family sessions provide long-lasting support for each girl when she leaves residential treatment.

As you look for California residential treatment centers for girls, consider our effective approach that will help your daughter and reunite your family. Check out the website, and use the inquiry form, or call (435) 236-5423 today to find out more. When you call, you will speak directly with the directors and founders of this program, not the staff.

Please consider the special benefits Red Hawk offers over California residential treatment centers for girls. We are ready and willing to assist you, your daughter, and your family.

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Thank you again for considering Red Hawk Academy as you look for California residential treatment centers for girls.

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Sonny Faaootoa, executive director

We believe each YOUNG person is a unique individual. We
respect the contributions they have made and will make in
their lives and to their communities. We are sensitive to their
social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs. We
believe strongly in providing a physical environment that is
safe, clean, healthy, and oriented to the highest quality of life.

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Should you need help finding , , or , please let us know. Red Hawk RTC specializes in counseling for troubled teens and out of control teens and especially work with Oppositional defiance(ODD), Depression/Anxiety, RAD girls and adopted girls with emotional disorders. If you are searching for residential treatment centers for difficult girls, troubled youth homes, troubled teen therapy or therapeutic boarding schools, you have found one. As a top therapeutic boarding school, Red Hawk Academy may also be considered a “school for troubled teens”. Red Hawk Academy’s all-girl school provides troubled pre-teen and teenage girls with counseling and adolescent therapy. The therapeutic residential school and home for troubled girls serves at-risk teen girls from homes in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and California, in the Southwest, and Oregon, Idaho, Washington State and Montana in the Pacific Northwest and Northern States.


California Residential Treatment Centers for Girls


California residential treatment centers for girls offer therapy for trauma, reactive attachment disorders, cutting, and other self-destructive behaviors